Fallout 76 help

So I’ve been having issues in game with fallout 76. I got through the install issues, and I am able to start the game and join a server. There are 2 issues.

  1. The mouse is all messed up for me. My view will teleport around the screen even if I just move the mouse a little bit. Whenever left click to fire a gun or anything in general my view is displaced instantly, like an aimbot. This is the only thing thats making it unplayable so far.

  2. For some reason no music playing on main menu? I hear all the other sounds fine… just not the music on the main menu. Volume settings don’t change anything.

Although I have dual monitors, issue #1 still persists when i turn my secondary monitor off. I’ve also tried doing the wine virtual desktop thing.
Also, Im running ubuntu 18.04… would really appreciate if someone could help me figure this out.


Have you read this?

There is a fix mentioned for mouse related issues.

And here in the comments someone mentioned he/she needed FAudio. This is an audio library… :nerd_face:

This user got it directly from github but it should also be in your repositories. Always check the repositories first as these are updated with the system.

Thanks, I was able to get it working using FAudio. I think I’ve read pretty much every post I could find on fo76, but the mouse issue I have is very strange and none of the solutions people have posted have worked for me.
One thing to note that makes this thing very strange is that this is only apparent in 16:9 1080p. I was able to get the mouse working very smoothly using a few of the 21:9 display options and the game actually played beautifully, beyond 60 fps. The only problem obviously is that those settings don’t really fit my screen.

Thanks for sharing this with the community.

Wine has a mouse warp override disable function. Other then that could it be that this problem also exist under Windows?

Tried it, didn’t really chance anything between disable, force and enabled. only solution i found was to set the game to bordered window unfortunately.

Hm. Maybe its time to look at Fallout 76’s relatives. All Fallout’s and Skyrim too are using the same engine. Even the bugs where copied over. :smirk:

People had also problems concerning the mouse in Fallout 4:

So it may be a good thing to Startpage/DuckDuck around for these.

In other words: broaden the horizon a bit…