Everquest Crashing

I am having an odd issue with Everquest crashing - not after the initial install, but on subsequent attempts to run the game. I just installed it yesterday using the “Standalone - Live version” installer on the page for the game here.

The game works almost perfectly right after the install. But once you close the game, it will consistently crash when loading it again. I uninstalled and the same happened again. The game installs and you can then launch it right away - runs just fine. But close the game and re-launch and it crashes again.

Even the launcher shows up perfectly on the initial install, but after that you get the ‘whited out’ launched. I did find from a post on ProtonDB that launcher issue can be fixed with adding the argument “–disable-gpu”. Before that and after that though, the game crashes.

I did upload some logs to pastebin, one using the ‘submit-issue’ switch and the other the output of the CLI using ‘-d’

It would seem that something is happening after the initial install that causes this. I know I had it working a while back under Ubuntu 20.something - and there was some odd way I had to launch it, but I would like to determine just what is causing this. I seen others in discord posting about having the same issue, but I have no idea how to follow posts in discord like that - it’s just too random to try and follow all that.

I could just re-install every time I suppose, it seems to work just fine that way - but that would be quite a hassle!

Is there something that Lutris is doing right after the install to the Prefix or something as opposed to how it’s running during the install? Change in the Prefix maybe? I’ve tried turning off a number of options for the runner/system and it seems to consistently crash.

submit-issue: Ubuntu Pastebin
lutris -d: Ubuntu Pastebin

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Follow up on this - I found an old Wine Prefix backup that I had used with a previous OS install. The old Prefix allows Everquest to run just fine.

I haven’t dug too deep yet, but the only difference I see (so far) are some overrides in the Wine Configuration for DX9. I will see if I can isolate just what the difference is.