Can't Install Games, "Installing Game Data" stuck

Any Wine/Windows game I try to install is stuck indefinitely on the “Installing game data” screen. I have left it up for multiple days with multiple games but no progress is ever made… Could anyone help me with this?

Ubuntu GNOME 17.04
RX 480
kernel 4.12.5+

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I have the same problem.

Ubuntu 17.04
Radeon R9 380
Padoka ppa for mesa
kernel 4.13.0-041300rc4-generic

I’m having a problem writing a script and it might be related to the problems you are running into.

To do a general sanity check, I picked a game out at random – – and had some odd results but that might be because of Steam. Bottom line, it installed (?) but did not run.

SiriusCrack or lyarre, can you name a game (free, non-Steam) that did not work for you? Maybe we can find a pattern and I can finish my script.

Fedora 26 (current)
Intel HD graphics
Lutris v.0.4.13

It seems the black window is misleading - the game data files are downloading anyway.
I started it this morning again and have got back 8 hours later.
Lutris says Warframe is installed, but wine is installing mono and gecko packages so I’m allowing that to happen.

Okay - game does not launch successfully - dos window is complaining about "wget.exe not recognised "

I had attempted the 64 bit install. Am trying again with the 32bit. Will update much later

for warframe you need wget package installed on your system.

first sentence on the install page says “The launcher requires wget. Please make sure you have the wget package for your linux distribution installed before installing the game.”

you will also need wine dependencies installed if you don’t have them. also this script has been updated recently (as of a few days ago). please give it another try

I have the same problem.
There is no windos popping up to install mono or gecko or anything.
Just the “Installing Game Data” one, with an empty grey space in it, instead of code and actions.

I’m running Ubuntu 17.10 on nVidia graphics and drivers.
I have installed wget.
I have installed wine-stable and wine-development.

What could be the problem?