Best way to get more diagnostic information when Lutris has an error

Hello everyone! This is my second time posting a forum post. The first one I posted here was trying to resolve an error I got with I’ve since been able to get working but I unfortunately wasn’t able to really find a good way to debug really generic error messages from Lutris logs. While my original post was mostly resolved already, I decided to make this post which purpose is to hopefully provide information about debugging techniques available to Lutris.

Here was the generic log I got originally when I’d try to start my launcher with all of the graphics plugins options turned on: Ubuntu Pastebin

My main issue is that I want to be able to look at the logs and maybe due some research on wine or lutris to determine like what internal code is causing and issue and what potential fixes there are.

However, the error message basically tells me that it’s run the wine command, that it’s monitoring, and that it returned an error code of 0.

I’m just realizing this is probably wine logs and not lutris logs but I’m wondering if anyone here has techniques to debug wine/lutris and get more information.

I’m hoping with this knowledge I’ll hopefully be able to resolve a couple of the issues I run into with Lutris.

Thanks for your time

If you start Lutris with the below terminal command, it will display log messages that can be helpful in working out issues.

lutris -d

@nicoradioactive Thanks for the response! I believe I thought the logs from lutris -d were the same as the logs built into the lutris app but it appears they are different. It appears that it provides me like logs for the initial launching of the game but it seems once the game is launch there’s no additional logs being written. Is this a limitation of Wine/Lutris that we’re not able to retrieve logs from Windows programs after we’ve launched them or is there a way to do this?

With Wineticks you can run a Windows cmd shell, you may be able to use that to output some debugging info/program logs but I’m not sure, I haven’t really used it much.

Ah okay wonderful, thank you for the response! :smiley: