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Battlenet / Warcraft crashing after 4 - 6 mins

Greetings All,
Noticed since new patch the game is crashing after 4-6 mins of play.
i noticed battlenet is VERY slow to connect now, and seeing crashing constantly,
nothing changed on my end, everything is stable updated drivers etc.
Also even if i just sit in the Battlenet Splash screen, battlenet will hang as well.
anyone else experiencing this lately ?
Thanks in advance.


Yes - look at the Blizzard forums and reddit (linux_gaming). Agent.exe upgraded to 8009 and this is haaving a large affect on starting and updating. If you look through the Lutris forums, I have suggested a couple of workarounds which require going back to an older version of Agent.exe and adding a launch argument for Alternately, just point the launcher to Wow.exe and ignore the issues until they are sorted out (hopefully before the next update).

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Appreciate the response very much, i did a search, missed those posts.
Glad its not just me,
Thanks again for the info !

PS: that worked great, thanks for the tip

Same here. Battlenet launches and then crashes.

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