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Battlefield 4 Punk Buster kicks me


When i join a multiplayer game I can play for 3 seconds then I get kicked by punk buster and I return to the game menu.
Plz help.
PS I tried on Arch and Manjaro same thing happens.


Run pbsvc.exe in wine.

Pbsvc.exe is located in the Battlefield 4 directory.


I came here because I was having the same issue. What are we supposed to run pbsvc.exe for? I tried using it to reinstall punkbuster but that didn’t help. I also ran tests before and after getting kicked from a server, and they always complete successfully as if everything was fine.


Same thing with me… Follows


Has anyone figured out this one yet? Could it be a regression in wine?


I’m not sure exactly how, but I fixed this. Thought I’d post about it for other people having the same issue. I deleted the contents of the ‘pb’ folder within the Battlefield 4 folder, then downloaded the Windows version of PunkBuster from their website and used Lutris’ “Run EXE inside wine prefix” option to install punkbuster for BF4 from the standalone punkbuster app. It will probably take a couple tries, as it tends to throw timeout errors. Then I ran pbsvc.exe again, and all the tests passed. I was afraid it was not going to work regardless of that, like before, but to my surprise it did. No more kicks.