Battlefield 4 Punk Buster kicks me

@jani86 Did you install the exe’s with lutris’ ‘Run EXE inside wine prefix’ function?

Also, after I installed pbsetup.exe, it created a folder called ‘pb’ in the game’s directory. Do you have this folder?

Right now, i’m using the newer ‘ge-protonified-4.10-x86_64’ version of wine. Maybe this one will work for you. You can add new wine versions on the left in the ‘runners’ section in lutris.

Let me know if this works. I don’t really know what could cause this issue for you.

@zjeffer thanks a lot for your answer!

yes, I installed the “pbsetup.exe” by using the wine prefix and there’s also a folder called “pb” in the game’s directory.
somehow after starting the game a couple of times in a row it worked (with both wine versions 3.21 and 4.10) and also the ping is shown now.

the issue is solved :slight_smile:

PS: what I also did is (this might not be the solution but maybe worth to mention), that I directly linked the executable of the game options to the bf4.exe

“drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Origin Games/Battlefield 4/bf4.exe”

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Glad it seems to work for you guys, I said I would check some stuff out and never came back hehe

Somehow a couple of weeks ago it stopped showing my ping again (I think after an Origin update).
I’ve tried pretty much everything again but can’t get it to work.

@jani86 does it still work for you?

I also encounter the missing ping problem. Does everyone encounter this problem or is there a fix?

Same issue, no Ping is shown but Punkbuster Service runs.

Same issue here .Arch linux
Amd card rx 590 with mesa drivers . No ping with Nvidia too ?

I have a GTX 1050, but either way I don’t see how a different GPU brand could make a difference.

cause it worked when i used amdpro driver . Now im using Mesa-aco-git

That sounds very weird. I’m using the proprietary nvidia driver on arch linux and I still have not found a solution for the record.

I’ve always used the nvidia proprietary driver and as I’ve posted earlier, it used to work but suddenly it stopped working, I think after an origin or game update.

Is it only arched based distros the no ping issue? I have disables all firewalls and nothing .

I don’t own bf4, but I did have some trouble updating Origin.
After adding the following ports:

  • TCP: 80, 443, 9960-9969, 1024-1124, 3216, 18000, 18120, 18060, 27900, 28910, 29900

  • UDP:1024-1124, 18000, 29900

the issues with updating were resolved.
I hope this help.

i have this problem, too. My only solution is: use for origin - lutris jedi 4.2. i have tested until version 5.6.2 but only jedi 4.2 works without ping-problem.

For Ubuntu, try this…

This worked for me and I’m on Mint 19. My ping shows properly now.