Amerzone - GOG version

I tried to install Amerzone GOG version in the same way that cxf suggested about the XCOM game. I typed lutris amerzone-the-explorers-legacy-gog in the terminal but instead of the installation process starting (like it did for XCOM) there’s only a message that says “unable to install game. No installer is available” and it shows the option to write an installer or configure manually. I tried configuring it manually (because I don’t have the knowledge to write an installer), but there’s no option to select the GOG installer file (or I haven’t found it).
Maybe it’s not the same case as it was on XCOM? Maybe cxf did something first so that the command on the terminal worked correctly. Is there something I can do?

Update: I managed to install Amerzone without using Lutris: I already have Wine Staging installed, so I just click on the Amerzone .exe file I downloaded from and it was installed normally and then I simply clicked the .lnk icon that the GOG installation created and it plays fine!!