3 replies new user limitation?

We’re sorry, but new users are temporarily limited to 3 replies in the same topic.

I’m trying to solve a specific bug in Overwatch exits during gameplay - Black screen to desktop . What is this nonsensical arbitrary limitation? I can’t give anymore feedback to try solve the problem thanks to this. Ridiculous, I haven’t seen a forum implementing anything like this and I’ve spent quite a lot of time on them in the 2000s. This is highly uninviting and counter-productive.

And if anyone from the thread sees this post, the bug isn’t bound to specifically the Lutris builds of Wine, it occurs on system Wine as well.

EDIT: I’m sorry, this post may have been a bit more aggressive in tone than necessary, heat of the moment. Nevertheless please do reconsider this limitation for new users. I understand the trust levels are most likely necessary for spam prevention, however 3 replies per topic can be too limiting imho. Thank you.

I’d probably get pissed with that limitation also. Suppose it would be an ugly and quick solution to a major spam issue. Haven’t been around here enough to know why though.