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You will need root rights to install this patch as it will modify /etc/hosts system file. What is that mean?

I just don’t know, what is that mean? What should I do?

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What are you trying to install?

Gensimp impact

Please investigate why the patch wants to access your /etc/hosts file. If its a script then read it so you know what it does. General rule of thumb is: when in doubt deny access.

Looked at the script. The script explains it as follows:

[MANDATORY] Adding following logging servers to /etc/hosts
If you really really want to skip this (Ctrl+C),
PLEASE add the entries manually. Otherwise they will receive
logs about The Wine project, hence UNCOVERING THIS PATCH!

These are the entries which need to be added to /etc/hosts. I would do things like that always manually as I am the administrator of my system. Not some script I got from the internet. So I would press CTRL+C to skip and after the install is done do a sudo nano /etc/hosts paste the following to the end of the file, CTRL+X and save when asked.

# Genshin logging servers (do not remove!)
# Optional Unity proxy/cdn servers
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