You forgot the Documentation

Congratulations. You made a program. But the good old “Hello World” has better documentation on setup and running than Lutris.
I seriously do not understand why people are releasing half-finished projects.
Write the documentation, you will get better marketshare.
I only logged in to the forum to tell you why I purged Lutris from my system: It’s unfinished and thus useless.

No, they did not.

That is not documentation.
That is a FAQ.
Forums are not documentation.
Other people’s Wikis are not documentation.
Go read software documentation on something like Fedora, Photoshop, Gimp, Virtualbox, etc. That is documentation.

Now excuse me, I am done here.

Difference is this is an app to simplify making windows games work on Linux. So from the start it is not an app that magically does everything because these games were not meant to run on linux and not a game is made to work the same way or use the same setup to work. There are many layers to make these games work on linux and lutris is just one of them. There is no big company like adobe behind this working 24/7 to make it work for you. Sure gimp or distros have more documentation, but we’re talking about an app trying to simplify gaming, not a full os, not a full creative suite, but a tool made by a small community for a small number of people.

I never used wine, winetricks, dxvk or anything related to this project before learning about lutris not even a month ago, and here I am now playing a bunch of games and figuring out how to make some more to work. By reading the official lutris faq, wiki and github page and all the other links I posted and googling or searching the forums when I had issues. You probably won’t care but we’ll all be fine if you leave. Have a nice day!