Xigncode3 Black Desert Online

Hey, today BDO switched from an old version of EasyAntiCheat (before it was compatible with linux) to Xigncode3, I have a limited connexion so I was wondering if the game was now working on linux !
Did someone tried it?

Hey, I’ve currently installed the launcher via Lutris today to test out, seems like it refuses to get to the login screen so I figured I would throw the launcher into steam and run it from there with the GE-Proton8-27. It is currently “running” but my launcher window is black and blank, but the .Paz files are being written and downloaded so the launcher is downloading and patching the game for me as I write this out. Apparently a couple of posts on the Black Desert Forum here has had it running on their steam decks already. Will try to update here if I get some progress in Lutris/Steam later.

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Well that look promising at least!
Might be a new game available to us!

Got the game launching through Steam and proton using this launcher mentioned here in this reddit comment. Had to finish patching the game via the blackdesertlauncher.exe in black windowed screen first through steam.
And here’s a link to some screenshots.

downloaded it, launcher is indeed black, and I can see my cursor changing into a text selection, making me think I need to input credentials, which is pretty hard with a pitch black launcher, and made even harder by the fact that I own the game on steam, I don’t have any kind of credential to begin with x)

Yeah, apparently you have to try and log in blindly or you can use the game launcher i used

when looking on how to fix the problem, I came across this launcher, sadly it doesn’t work with steam, so I had to do it blindly

Seems to be some progress being done here on Github