Xboxdrv config option ask sudo?

I have a game who do not work correctly with my ps3 controllers. If i convert them into xbox controllers via xboxdrv, the game work perfectly.
So I saw in lutris, in “system options” of my game, there is a place for put an xboxdrv config file…
So I placed my config in : /home/powabanga/Documents/trucs/scripts/PS3toXbox.xboxdrv

But now when i try to launch the game, lutris ask to me to be authentificate as super user to do “/usr/sbin/xbodrv” and “/usr/sbin/xboxdrvctl”

What’s wrong with that ? I thinking that it was possible to convert all my ps3 controllers with this option, but apparently it do not work :confused:

Does anybody can help me please ? :slight_smile: