X4: Foundations wrong GOG id prevents auto-download


I was trying to install X4 Foundations from GOG, but the script asks me where the install files are, instead of downloading automatically.

It happens that in the full scrip, the field ‘gogid’ contains the value 1395669635, while the download URL of the installer contains 1588366064.

I believe that fixing that ID would allow the installer to work correctly.


Sorry, which one is the right ID? The installer has 1588366064: https://lutris.net/games/install/14065/view. And you think it should be changed to 1395669635. Did I get that right?

You can suggest an edit on the installer. Or if you want I can do it.

No. In lutris.net JSON file, the ID is wrong: https://lutris.net/api/installers/x4-foundations-gog?format=json

I edited the YAML yesterday to include the correct 1588366064, but it’d be nice to fix the wrong one on the JSON file too.

The JSON version looks the same as the YAML version to me. Maybe you were looking at a cached, old version. Thanks for updating the installer.

I updated the json one yesterday.

You can update the JSON version separately? How do you do that?