Write new installer

Hello, i’m trying to write a new installer for a game that was not listed in Lutris, but I can’t make it to work. The exe file is downloading but, I don’t understand how to execute the installation after. Anyone can give me some hint ?

Here is the link to the new game. My installer is under unpublished installer for now.

Thank you


Take the time to read through the sidebar provided when making an installer. Also take a look at the Osu installer for reference.

Anyway, basically the exe file is being downloaded to ~/.cache/lutris/installer or as the sidebar references $CACHE. However, the files section just downloads the setup.exe, in order for the setup to run and install the game files you’ll need to execute the setup.exe with wineexec. Next you need to move the files installed in $CACHE to the installer’s prefix or $GAMEDIR that can be done with move command.

- setup: http://webpatch.net/download/the4thcoming.exe
  arch: win32
  args: --waitforpreload --nologo --nodx9ex --gc2
  exe: drive_c/Program Files/The4thComing/the4thcoming.exe
  prefix: $GAMEDIR
- task:
    description: Creating Wine prefix
    name: create_prefix
    prefix: $GAMEDIR
- task:
    app: win7
    arch: win32
    description: Setting Wine to Windows 7 32-Bit
    name: winetricks
    prefix: $GAMEDIR
- task:
    executable: $setup
    name: wineexec
    prefix: $GAMEDIR
- move:
    dst: $GAMEDIR/drive_c/Program Files/The4Coming
    src: $CACHE
  disable_runtime: true
  version: staging-2.21-x86_64

This is just an example and not guaranteed to work but you get the gist. Tinker around and figure it out.