WoWS ignoring keys

Hi, I’m trying to run World of Warships and it appears to have installed without error, and I can get to the login screen…but it doesn’t react to any mouse or keyboard input so I can’t proceed. When I launch it, it takes full-screen, and I’m stuck on the login screen. I can’t even exit. I have to alt-Fn to a different terminal and kill wine, or reboot, to get out of it.

Is this normal for WoWs in Lutris? Does anyone know if this game currently works?

Are you not using a virtual desktop? All the non-Steam installers use a virtual desktop. Which installer did you use?

I fixed it. The solution was to actually disable the “virtual desktop” setting, and that allowed mouse/keyboard to work again. Everything else ran fine. Runs a lot better than Playonlinux.