WoW wotlk slow launch second windows

Hello, good afternoon. It happens that I have a problem with wotlk wow in lutris, the game runs quite well in general, the performance is good. The problem comes from the last wine update. Now when I open the game, everything is normal but if I try to open another one, it takes about 20-25 seconds, the same happens if I close it and try to reopen it. It’s actually a minor problem, but I’d like to fix it, since getting stuck during startup is annoying.

and video

my specs: 16 RAM, ssd 480, i5 dual core, fedora 34 kde, kernel 5.16.19 / lutris 0.5.10 and wine 7.2

In this case you can set a previous Wine version for WoW install. That is a relatively common procedure.

Additionally, have you checked that you don’t have the debug enabled? I mean if you right click on the WoW banner and go to the configuration. There is somewhere an option to get debug. From what I can see it appears activated.