WoW - Works only once (After GPU switch)


I’m trying to run WoW on my Dell XPS 9560 (Ubuntu 19.04). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make my laptop work with bumblebee I need to swap between GPU’s (Intel and Nvidia GTX 1050) via nvidia settings.

And here’s the issue, game seems to work flawlessly but only once after I swap from graphics card to another. Then my launcher “asks” if i want to reset to default settings (when starting WoW) because hardware changed I click yes and it opens up perfectly fine.

When I exit game and try to relaunch it -> It seems like it opens up (I can see only login page with connecting but it doesn’t work) I can click into Cancel Quit if I’m quick enough but it seems like game works, just screen doesn’t update (it just freezes on first image) so if I wait it seems like I did log in because I hear clicky sounds when I click where my characters should be.