WoW will not start with DXVK

I’m trying to run World of Warcraft BfA on Ubuntu 19.04. I have both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of libvulkan and mesa-vulkan-drivers installed. I installed WoW using the link on the Lutris games page. When I try to run it (the runner selected is ge-protonified-nofshack-4.9-x86_64), I get the error message “Unable to start up 3d acceleration”. If I turn DXVK off, the game does run, but the framerate is maybe 20 fps. Here is the log output and system config:

I’ve searched online, and though I’ve found several similar reports, all of them just say to update the DXVK version, and mine is pretty new (1.1).

Any suggestions on how I might get this working? TIA.