WoW Voice Chat PTT isn't recognized, is always Open Mic

Hello, first time posting here, long time lurker.

I’m currently using the DXVK + esync build, and everything seemingly works great, with one exception: When I’m in voice chat, regardless of what I have my voice chat set to (Push To Talk or Open Mic), my microphone is always open, no key presses necessary. I’ve disabled all of my addons, rebooted, and still my mic is always open. Which for raids is less than useful. I have read about microphone mute macros as a workaround, but I’ll only do this as a last resort.

I’m using Ubuntu 18.04, not using any other desktops.
Processor: A10 6800k 4.1 Ghz
Memory: 16 GB
Graphics: Geforce GTX 960
Headset is a wireless Afterglow PL-9930R

Any advice at all would be welcome, I’m sure this is something very simple but I can’t wrap my head around it.

I figured this out. I played around with my keybinds and discovered that if you have “/” bound as your PTT (even if you’ve unbound it from everything else), it keeps your mic open permanently. Using literally anything else worked.