WOW UI Glitching - Find Group Button does nothing!

Greetings All,
As of last weekend started having issues with WOW -
I recently installed dragon-flight and this behaviour started shortly after , not sure if its related or not.


- Unable to chat to NPC
- Find Group button not doing anything
- when queued up for dungeon , does not accept me even though i checked in
- If I get in a dungeon, most times cannot exit
- Mouse Cast bindings not saving in between reloads.

Fresh install with NO addons, same result,
reformat machine completely, start EVERYTHING from fresh, still same problems.

Not sure if this is related to Lutris , wine, or even my system at this point,
have read many posts about the Find Group button doing nothing, but im at a loss here

Randomly things will behave for a while, and then glitches take over, very random.

Any and all comments or tips are appreciated.
Cheers All !

Couple of random errors from UI : ( not sure if they mean much )

Uploaded some logs from LUTRIS

Was playing all afternoon for over 3 hours, no problems at all,
dungeon after dungeon, logged out now.
well see how it goes when i log back in.
Seems to be very random.

Update: ( for anyone who cares :smiley: )
happened quite a few times again, no dungeon queue at all, NPC’s not responding etc etc
tried this and has worked 3 out of 3 times
once UI begins to glitch,
log out to character screen, then hit BACK button, then Reconnect
and game stabilizes and problem free until you logout.
Lol - i know… strange, but hey, 3 out of 3 so far.

work around was succesfull for a bit, as of yesterday UI is completely broken,
i have wiped everything out again, re-installed fresh , no addons,
now the game constantly freezes when attempting to load the Character screen
Bar stops half way, and eventually times out.

Anyone out there at all experiencing anything of this as of late ?
this may be the end of warcraft play for me… :frowning:

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