WoW retail crashing to desktop

I keep getting random crashes right to the desktop and the bnet client crashes with the game at the same time.

I haven’t changed anything that was fully working before… on fedora 36


Here is one with debugging info enabled

Thank you for your time.

1 Like and agent.exe have a bad habit of dying in the background and taking down the client game with them. This MAY be what you are seeing. To rule this out, in the launcher, go to settings and set to exit completely when you launch a game. Try that, and if the problem continues, at least that one known issue is off the table for debugging.

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Ok, I closed the bnet client and still got a crash in game to the desktop.


Closed or set to exit completely in the settings menu?

Closed completely.

Follow the link in the to the discord server

Okay, I’ll ask on discord later. I don’t have discord installed yet.

I just realized I’ve been running in wayland and that could be the issue. I wasn’t using wayland before.

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Some things which made client stop crashing for me were:
Go to Configure options for World of Warcraft in Lutris
Go to Runner options
Disable Esync
Disable Fsync

In client, also go into it’s settings and disable hardware acceleration

Inside wow change to DirectX 11

Also I have had other problems with wayland with other apps, I use X for now and can report WoW runs awesome

Isn’t the new retail release dx12 only from next week?