WoW opens, but doesn't show after Manjaro upgrade

I’ve been playing Wow for the past month or so on Manjaro 17 and updated to Manjaro 18 yesterday. I went to play some WoW and it opens, but never shows on screen. The mouse changes to the in game mouse and the game is shown in taskbar but I see through it to the desktop. I can’t interact with the desktop unless I alt tab out of the game. I also played Overwatch on the previous update and it still works fine with this new update. Only WoW is messed up so far. I’ve went through the steps on github to make sure the dependencies were installed/up to date. I should be able to use DXVK lutris script by default.

OS: Manjaro 18 Linux x86_64
Host: GL502VML 1.0
Kernel: 4.19.1-1-MANJARO
CPU: Intel i5-6300HQ (4) @ 3.200GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Mobile
Memory: 2135MiB / 15973MiB

Lutris -d output:

WoW game log:

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Did you Try the latest Wine Staging Esync version? If not Try it.

I did with tkg-3.19. Seems to be working good at the moment.

so the reason was for not running was esync-staging-pba-3.16-x86_64