WoW: Mouse stuck at border to other monitor

Hello community,

My setup:
CPU: 8-core Intel Core i9-9900KF
Kernel: 5.15.78-1-MANJARO x86_64
Mem: 13668.3/32028.5 MiB (42.7%)
3 Monitors, main one is 4k

I have an annoying bug when playing WoW and it only appears when using 3840x2160 or make render scaling the same or higher value. Whenever i try to move the cursor on the other monitor the cursor stucks at near or at the border and can not be moved for some time and then releases. The game is not hanging, lagging or anything and runs smoothly, but the mouse is inaccessible for 3-4 seconds. The position where the cursor hangs seems to always on the same vertical line, 1 cm off the broder on the game side and another stuck moment on the border itself. The same process happens when you get your cursor out and want to move it back into the game. As mentioned games never stucks when this happens.
Changing the resolution to 2560x1440 (but putting render scaling to 3840x2160) results in the same bug. Using resolution and scaling both to 2560x1440 reduces the stuck time at the border nearly to nothing, but it is still there at some moments (but only a fraction of a second), but in 90% its gone.

i know total weird behaviour. Because of some hardware change (new m.2 ssd) i have reinstalled my Manjaro but the bug remains the same.

If you tell ne which logs you need i can provide them. System and everything is uptodate. Using feral gamemod for Lutris.

If you can provide any suggestions i can try, feel free!

Thank you!