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Wow mouse btn on-hold, disturbs keyboard inputs

I have played wow on Linux for years now, but I have never experienced this issue before.

If I start auto-running + hold right mouse button down + press “any movement key”

Then often the “any movement key”-input is ignored. It only happens sometimes, like 1 out of 5 times.

It seems that the more keys I hold down at same time, increases the possibility, but it never happens if I don’t touch my mouse.

I have tried running the game in Win10, using the same folder - and there is no problem.

Help me someone :smiley:

I found the solution. Just use the following script to enable Hardware cursor:

/script SetCVar(“rawMouseEnable”, 1);

Thanks a lot for that. I’ve been using Wine 4.16 to avoid this problem until now, now I can finally use a more recent version.