WoW Installation: Not Enough Disk Space

I am not sure if it is relevant but I didn’t have enough disk space (40 GB) before installing WoW.
Now that I installed and I saw the disk requirements, I made more than enough space on the disk but I’m still getting not enough disk space error.

Any way to allocate more disk space for that game as I’m thinking perhaps this is Wine installation thing.

You’re seeing the error message in, right?

Yes, that’s right.

I would suggest you have a comfortable margin before trying to download the game (more the recommended free space), maybe also check your drives in winecfg to see if the Windows drives are mapped to where you have disk space.

40 Gb is not enough. See that you have 40 Gb free after installation. You’ll need it later. Easiest way would be to clean up and then start a fresh install.

I did it little differently;

  • Moved ~/.wine/drive_c to my second disk.
  • Created sym link to ~/.wine/drive_c

However, it still gets to read the current disk’s available size.

PS. I have fixed the problem now. What I’m now facing is about graphics as it is not really playable;

Anyway around such issues?

It looks like you are trying to use OpenGL client. That simply doesn’t work anymore.

I’m not sure which installer you used to install WoW, but if you went for the DX9 version, set it to DX9. If you used the DX11 version, set it to DX11.

Yes, seems like that’s likely to be the case.
However I have no idea how to do that in Lutris (I am a new Wine user). I’ll appreciate any tips on this.

This has nothing to do with Lutris. This is a WoW setting. You can set it correctly ingame, or as I like to do, as an extra command line option in Blizzard Launcher.

I don’t know which of the 2 WoW installers you used, but I included instructions for each installer:

I have DX11 version installed but DX11 wasn’t running properly so used DX9 settings. Seems working as expected except little graphical glitches.

Although I must say due to using ultra-wide 34" screen (for work purposes), the resolution makes it hard to play. It seems there is no way to change it from settings.

I’ll have to dig that through.

Thank you for all your help.

If you are going to use DX9, you might aswell use the Staging 2.0 DX9 installer to install a way faster version of CSMT.

You can change resolution multiple ways: Change desktop resolution, change resolution ingame, create a virtual desktop in Wine, etc. Happy Fiddling!

Well, I downloaded it from work where I have got fiber connection so for now, this should do. Thank you for the suggestion though, I’ll definitely download & install DX9 version.

As for changing resolution it is not that straight forward. Wine settings (virtual desktop or not) doesn’t seem to be effective. I also can’t change the settings from the game. I haven’t tried changing the desktop resolution though as this wouldn’t be my fav. way of doing it.

I’ll keep digging though. You have helped me a lot! Thanks once again.

You don’t have to download the game files again. You can install (add) another copy of the WoW prefix (basically just Blizzard App) with the Staging 2.0 DX9 setup, and then point that to your WoW files.

I suggest: If you installed WoW into the prefix, just locate the directory and move it somewhere outside of it. That way you can always delete a prefix without losing the actual game files.

Thanks, yes I noticed I could do that yesterday so I have done it this way.

Although it is still glitchy and doesn’t seem to be playable.

My only option seems to be dual boot.

Does 2.20 work for anyone? Only staging-2.17 (my first lutris installation) through staging-2.19 works for me. 2.20 fails like all the other “vanilla” implementations (Error: “Game Initialization failed”) and I just want to check to be sure if staging-2.19 is the current WoW-capable runner.

2.20 added nothing new that I can remember. If your game works on 2.19 just stick there. I’m still using 2.18.

ah thanks. i was just wondering why it would break on the non-staging and i am too clueless to know what to look for under the hood…

oh i just saw staging-2.20 has arrived. i’ll install and compare.

I thought you were talking about Staging 2.20 tbh. “Vanilla wine” does not include staging patches.

aaahh!!! that explains it.
i stick to staging then and shall ignore the rest