[WoW] freeze / disconnect issue

So I’ve recently switched from PoL format to here and I am loving the change, but on WoW specifically every 5 minutes or so the whole thing starts to crash as if I were disconnected from internet, which is not the case as I can ALT+TAB and play a video just fine. I can force quit the game manually or just stop the lutris app from running it, and reload it to fix it, but still about 5-10 minutes in it thinks I’m disconnected and the cycle continues. I was wondering if there was already a fix; I searched but I haven’t found anything to work just yet. There’s no crash, the game behaves exactly as if my internet were to go out but it will not actually leave the game. A restart only allows me about 5 minutes.

On Linux Mint 18 64bit.

BTW everything else works amazingly and I am very glad to be using this service.

Thanks in advance.

Go into system options and click “Disable process monitor” then try. If that doesn’t fix it, you can also click “Disable Lutris Runtime”, and try again.