WoW Blank screen at launch

So After getting DKVX working with WoW I have found that after I close it then try to relaunch it I get the splash screen for a second then a black screen. I have to close WoW and turn off DKVX then launch the game again. I can then close it adn reenable DKVX adn WoW will launch fine and I don’t get the black screen.
I have DKVX set to 0.71
Anyone else having this too?

Only thing I heard about that could cause that, was that you had streaming enabled in Blizzard App.

I get the black screen sometimes too. I just make sure the processes have stopped, then try again. I’ve been trying to narrow down what makes it happen and I feel like if there are other accelerated apps open like Discord or even the blizzard launcher itself it seems to happen more often. I even try now to move the wow window until it is fully loaded.

There is a setting in the blizzard launcher that closes it when you launch a game. That way you know that when you close the wow window, everything behind it should be closed too.

I’m using latest esync-nopulse with DXVK 0.71