WoW is crashing

I have a BattleDotnet installation and WoW Retail was working until yesterday night on Ubuntu 20.04 when it downloaded version
Since then, I can run the BattleDotnet application just fine, but when I click on the “Play” button of World Of Warcraft (retail), my screen goes black (as it does when starting the game) and the program seems to crash (it asks me if I want to send a report error) and then nothing else happens.

Lutris log available and lutris --submit-issue available here

My current Wine version (as shown in Runner options is) wine-ge-8-22x86_64.

I’ve attempted to (I switched everything back after failure):

  1. User Lutris 7.2 Runner.
  2. Turn off DXVK and VKD3D graphics options (in Runner Options)
  3. apt-get update && apt-get upgrade in case my libraries are not up to date
  4. Check my NVIDIA driver libraries (seem up to date)
  5. Change Prefix architecture to 32bits (it was 64bits)
  6. Turn off “Enable Nvidia Primer Render Offload” option

Is this a laptop? If so, try enabling/disabling Use discrete on the system options tab (enable Advanced at the top) AFTER fixing your vulkan ICD loader to point to nvidia proprietary
Should work with the ICD loader set and Use discrete enabled, but some are weird so play with these 2. Reset everything else back to default and the runner to Wine-ge8.22

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Discrete graphics were enabled alraedy, but changing Vulkan ICD loader to Nvidia Propertary did the trick!
Thank you very much. I’m just curious… how did you know this was the problem?

Your system report said nvidia 2060 but your lutris log was referencing i915