WoT needs Exe ran inside Wine prefix, how to automate?


I’ve installed World of Tanks recently, and can only play if I right click the game banner and then “Run EXE inside wine prefix”

Can someone help me automate this so I can just double click? It’s not too big of a deal but would be nice honestly.

Thanks for reading & in advance for replying

Can you be a bit more specific why and when this exe needs to be run? Or do you just simply mean the game’s exe?

You could “Manually add a game” (the plus button). Type a name for it and choose WINE as your launcher. Help: https://i.imgur.com/XrTCcEX.png

If you don’t need the initial banner, you can delete it (without deleting the game files!) and choose the same name for your manually added game. If you restart Lutris, it will have the banner of the game :slight_smile:

Ok, next step is to get to the second tab (“Game options”): https://i.imgur.com/buDJ9Gq.png
There you need to set the “Wine prefix”, which will most likely be in ~/Games, as this is the default Lutris directory (at least for me, may differ for you). I added an example to have it a little bit more easy for you to follow. :slight_smile:

Then you set the “Executable”, which has to be in the same WINE directory you set up as your prefix.

If this is done, just click save. BOOM! You have your EXE to run set up as a new banner. :slight_smile:

If you gave it a name which is in Lutris’ game directory, just restart Lutris to let it fetch the banner icon/image.