WOT Doesn't work

Hi! Someone on aksubuntu had trouble with their installation of World Of Tanks.
This is the Forum:wine - Lenovo ThinkBook 15 G3 ACL Ubuntu 22.04 Lutris DO NOT install WOT - Ask Ubuntu

This is the log:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1emgtfQF951IFRPL7I69UgUO8sGvug5TU/view

He couldn’t log into his account so i did it for him .Any Help is appreciated

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Yup the WOT WINE version has been broken for about 3 months and it has been confirmed in an old thread that it is the installer script that appears to not work.

There are two ways to get around this, the one I recommend is going to Worldoftanks.com and downloading the windows installer. After downloading it open steam (or install then open steam) go to games>add a non-steam-game to library, navigate to your downloads folder and select the installer. after doing so select the installer in your steam library right click Properties then go to compatibility and select “force use compatibility tool.”

launch the installer and let it fully install the game, the game will be installed by proton. AFTERWARDS, STILL LAUNCH THE GAME USING THE INSTALLER IN YOUR LIBRARY. The installer and proton together is smart enough to realize that everying is already installed so will instead lauch WGC. if you try any other launch option (such as launching WGC separately) the workaround WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY.

the only known issues with running the non-steam verson game via proton is that the advanced graphics setting menu will not appear, which can be bypassed via the configs file in this filepath:

The other known issue is that there is a high probability of being disconnected if you alt-tab, but pressing meta (windows button) and selecting another program doesn’t DC)

the other alternative is to run a customized JSON through lutris, but that JSON only allows SD graphics, and has graphics bugs. world-of-tanks-eu.json - Pastebin.com has the JSON, that version only works with EU. To make it work with your server of choice change all EU and eu in it (there’s like three)

The script is broken. The way I installed wot is manually through lutris.
Download the game from the official wot webpage. Than in lutris click the add game button (top right corner) and choose “Install a Windows game from Media”. Give it a name, location, add the downloaded wot installer and install the game.

When the wot installer is finished the downloading and the installing you need to close it.
Then you need to configure wot in lutris, because it have the wrong executable file.
In wot configuration at the Game Options tab you need to change the Executable.
The correct executable is the Wargaming Center exe. Exemple for the path:
/home/yourusername/Games/WorldOfTanks/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Wargaming.net/GameCenter/wgc.exe
If you added the correct Executable you can add few Enviroment variables for the game in the System options tab. I added these:
__GL_SHADER_DISK_CACHE_PATH = /home/yourusername/Games/WorldOfTanks/

The game works flawlessy for me.