World War Z on Epic, lots of stutering!

Yo guys! What’s up? World War Z was or still is free on Epic Store. Just claimed it, installed with Lutris script for the game, game runs great except for lots and lots of stuttering when entering a “new zone”, a new zone means doing 10 steps into the level or turning into corners, it’s so so annoying.

Compiling shaders message stopped so I guess they’re compiled, also left the game there for like 30m or so, just to see if it needed time but no, game still stutter and lags a lot. Saw some videos on YouTube of playing the game using Lutris and everything is just fine!

I’m running Solus, latest nVidia drivers and a 970GTX, i5 @ 4.2Ghz, 16GB RAM, game should be playable with my specs, it is on Windows without problems, dunno what to do.

Using lutris-5.4 WINE, DXVK is lates version, I didn’t change anything in the settings.

Same issue here.

I guess the game is compiling shaders on the fly like described in the wiki. Is there any way of doing this before the game starts at all? In these kind of games, you can’t really “wait it out” since there is a new map in the campaign and also the action starts immediately.

I can confirm the same. Tho it gets better when you rotate around the map but the first minutes iits unplayable.

It is still a problem. Even with kernel 5.7, mesa 20.1.7, fsync and ACO. Also, ME Andromeda on Steam has the same stutering on the previously unvisited areas.