World of Warships installer works but doesn't finish installing, never creates launcher

Hi all.

I just installed World of Warships (NA version)… the game seems to install perfectly fine, but the Lutris installer script never officially completes.

Install game > Exit WoWS launcher > Lutris installer still says “installing…”, and all I can do is hit cancel. By hitting cancel, it doesn’t create a launcher in Lutris. Every time I start the game I need to re-run the installer.

Any ideas how I might fix this?


This can happen on a few games that leave a process running when the windows installer has finished. This will be fixed with the next version of lutris to be released in a few days, the installer will still need to be updated.

Meanwhile, you can see if you can find the running process blocking the installer and manually kill it, this will resume the install process.
If you do find which process, please paste the name of the exe, that will be helpful in order to update the install script.

Thank you. I ended up just manually creating my launcher and that seemed to work fine. I don’t want to mess with my installation anymore (the game is enormous), but if I do ever reinstall it, I will let you know.

I am trying to install World of Warships too. I have already finished installing the game, the launcher start with no problems, but when I click play, the game just crashes. Any tips or suggestions?