World of Warcraft: Unable to start 3D Accelerator Card

Hi All,

Having a really weird issue with World of Warcraft: I launch Battle.Net, I launch the game and it runs fine. I change my display settings for my ultrawide monitor and then exit the game. When I restart, I get the error: “Unable to start 3D accelerator card”. If I delete my file, it launches again.
Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening?

I’m on the Nvidia 396.45-2 driver, using wine staging 3.13 and dxvk 0.54.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Use DXVK 0.64

OK, installed 0.64, which has boosted performance in the game, so thanks!
Unfortunately the issue I mentioned before still persists, any other ideas?


I have had the issue from time to time (same error). I simply can’t pinpoint why it happens. I just close Lutris and restart it, and/or press the stop button and launch again. No need to delete the config.

For me, restarting Lutris didn’t remove the issue; If I leave it set to primary monitor and windowed mode I don’t have an issue, if I specify monitor 1 or 2, on either: windowed, or windowed fullscreen then I have the issue where I have to delete the config.
It’s not a huge issue, just curious to what could be causing it.

This error can be happened due to several errors. So, check if you are having any of these issues:

  • Using the outdated graphics driver
  • Your Windows is outdated
  • Game files are corrupted
  • Game is not well configured

Whatever the reason is, you can fix it with just a few steps. Simply, follow this guide: World of Warcraft Was Unable to Start Up 3d Acceleration