World of Warcraft SLI SUPPORT

Hi there!
So finally I got WoW running on Lutris - thanks to the config files of lutris.
after that I had the “WoW Cache” Problem I needed to solve copying it from a windows PC.

So far - so good.
I have 3 GTX 1070 Nvidia cards in this Linux machine and tied two of them with a SLI bridge.
so first I booted the game and tried the SLI mode. It was a bit laggy with both cards at 30% utilization. So I googled a bit and activated the “Enable DXVK” thing in Lutris.
No it pretty wihout any lag, but now only one card is working at 99% utilization (regarding to nvidia-smi)

So it seem a bit obvious that DXVK through vulkan seems to ignore the second SLI card.

Any ideas?

SLI requires game profiles already on Windows if I remember correctly. And while SLI and Linux work, it would require native games with profiles I guess.

For DXVK, you would think of MultiGPU in vulkan. But this is not implemented, and I doubt it will, but you can always ask on DXVK discord / github.