World of Warcraft Shading issues

Hello. Iam new to this forum…so i am sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I am having problems with playing WoW on my ubuntu desktop.

I have run all of the dependancies and done all of the requirements, but it seems to not want to get past the “connecting” stage as compiling shaders is an issue…

Im not a nerd when it comes to ubuntu, but im learning! But it seems as though perhaps the dependancies werent correctly done? otherwise I have no idea what the problem is…

I have a NVIDIA Geforce 1050 GTX, however on my OS, its displayed as GP107M (Geforce 1050GTX Mobile). Im on the latest updated version (440) as that is what was recommended.

Any tips or ideas?

Im sorry if there was already posts about this, i couldnt see them… Im not great when it comes to forums !

Thank you!