World of Warcraft PTR crashes on startup

I’m trying to run the latest Public Test Realm on WoW but it crashes on login every time with either error code 138 or (if I remember correctly) 109. Here’s the output of lutris -d

Here’s the wine log for the game.

I’m on Ubuntu MATE 20.04, with nvidia driver 440. My window manager is Metacity (Marco) according to screenfetch. I’ve got the specs to run it and retail version runs just fine with default settings.

If anyone knows how I can work around this crash let me know, I tried cancelling the login before it got to character creation but it still crashed before I could change any settings.

Here’s the Lutris report-issue output.

I was able to get it working by installing winehq-staging from winehq’s ppa and setting the runner to use it, then making sure that the PTR client is set to use DirectX 11. It runs pretty poorly though, lots of stuttering. Haven’t had time to figure out why.

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I just tried that and indeed, running winehq-staging wine version 5.14 does make it run, but even in DirectX 11 and DirectX 11 Legacy mode there’s plenty of visual bugs and stuttering problems. I assume this will be ironed out before it hits live but I’m concerned about the prepatch hitting live and making the current lutris installs fail without Wine 5.14.

I had similar issues with Shadowlands Beta.
From some WoW forum posts I figured I needed mingw-gcc, so I downloaded AUR binaries from here and repackaged them for my system. I installed the packs and recompiled wine-staging-5.14.
Everything works beautifully with DX12.

Just throwing my two cents in here in case it helps anyone. I’m running Arch Linux with an RX 5700XT. I installed WoW with the Lutris install script. The PTR crashed with the latest Wine build packaged by Lutris, but I was able to get it working simply by switching to my system’s wine-staging-5.16 from the main Arch repos. Game runs beautifully for me, no crashes, slowdowns, stutters or graphical distortions.

Both DX11 and DX12 work with near identical performance for me and never dipped below 100FPS with all settings maxed out for the several hours that I tested. I haven’t compared PTR performance to Live performance directly, mostly because it runs well enough that I doubted there would be much difference.

Do you really not have any stutters or freezes? I installed WoW with the Lutris install script and freshly downloaded the PTR. I have wine-staging 5.16 (I tried both the precompiled version and compiling wine-staging-git myself with both mingw-w64-gcc and vkd3d installed (using arch)). The game has a slight delay when starting (about 3 seconds). It also freezes for about 3s while “logging in to game server” and then an additional 1-2s before the character model in the character selection screen is loaded. The loading screen also takes significantly longer than retail. Once ingame it runs very well, until I move a bit so that something has to load (couldn’t pin it down yet, but it might be when characters/NPCs get loaded, flying around durotar/barrens with mobs seems to be almost stutter free, while orgrimmar is guaranteed stutters, even when players are out of range), which makes it stutter for a few milliseconds. It doesn’t stutter when I stand still. DX11/12 makes no difference. I can run retail-wow flawlessly with the exact same install, with none of these issues.

I also ran sysprof in hope to find out what causes the stutters and found that the PTR version has a lot of invocations related to libunwind, while retail has none, but haven’t gotten further.

Running a 9900k and a 2080 ti, maybe it has something to do with having an nvidia card.

So this is weird. I was getting exactly what you described originally, but I had the game installed on an HDD. I moved it over to an SSD, relaunched it, and played for several hours without any stuttering or load issues whatsoever so I chalked up my issues to slow storage, since it was on a pretty old drive.

However, I just loaded it up again to catch some footage of how the game runs for me, but the issues have returned despite still being on the SSD. Perhaps I caught the game right as they reverted some change, and now they’ve pushed it back out? Or perhaps there’s some stability issue where sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t.

I do see it frequently compiling shaders while moving around which coincides with many of the stutters, but not all of them. It seems to need to compile shaders way more often than on Live, but I have no empirical data to back that up, it just feels that way. It doesn’t match up with every stutter though, so there’s likely something else going on.

I only have M.2 NVMe drives in my system, so that shouldn’t be it. Shaders were also something I suspected, but those should get cached sooner or later, but even if I fly around the same building in Orgrimmar for 15 minutes, the stutters are the same.

Very weird. I’m just not knowledgeable enough to debug this far enough to be able to make a bug report to Wine/DXVK (not even sure in which of those the error lies). Kind of scared this is not gonna get fixed till release.

The crashing problems are known to be an issue since beta with Wine builds that do not use mingw. See here and here. To fix the crash, you need a recent enough winehq-staging version (5.15 i think, or newer), compiled with mingw. How to get your hands on it depends on your distro, but to the best of my knowledge, such a wine version is still not being packaged by Lutris (I was cited some internal wine development turmoil in the IRC channel, that was a month or two ago).

As for the stuttering issue, I noticed it too. On two different setups, with a mid-range card (Quadro M2200 and GTX 1060 Super), retail runs fine whereas PTR stutters like hell. No amount of graphic settings changes (from 10 to 1) changes this. The stuttering is very annoying (to the point of making the game unplayable) in places like Boralus. On empty places like Darnassus it is passable (although still annoying). Oh and NVM on both setups, so it’s not that. Also DX11/DXVK on both setups.

I have just switched my desktop to an RTX 2060 Super and the stuttering is all but gone, even with the graphics settings set to max. Still have to try on my laptop to see if the stuttering is still there.

hi, just my 5 cents… do not upgrade vkd3d library to 1.2 version. Stay at 1.1. It will break WoW (all versions) to non workable black screens.

Worked for me no stuttering that I could tell, wine-5.19 (Staging) resolved most issues I believe.

We will see :slight_smile:

Note installed wine-5.19 (Staging) on machine, and changed in Lutris.

Thanks for the 5.19 wine-staging recommendation

For anyone navigating here with issues after 9.0.1 prepatch: I was having issues with wow continually crashing upon entering the game. Installing wine-staging 5.19 fixed it though.

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Confirming same problem with todays latest retail shadowlands “prepatch” game crashes with error 138

5.19 wine-staging seem to solve crash issue.

I can confirm as well that it runs with wine-staging (5.18 for me).

It also seems DX12 is forced now. In the config it is set to DX11 but the game renders with DX12.

Need to add that 5.19 staging is not the ultimate solution. The game lags alot and there are some rendering glitches (lines in picture. Prob due dx12 being renderer?) And when more is happening in the screen whole game/Xorg hangs.

I was wrong. Game still has DX11 and DX11 Legacy.

I tried them all including DX12 but whatever this update has done, it causes my system to freeze and needs to force shutdown my PC.

Exile’s Reach the new starting zone I wasn’t even able to load to the island after doing the ship area. I then tried the undead starting zone and when a soulstone effect happened, my PC froze, or when I accepted a party invite, PC froze.

I hope someone can figure out what this new patch has done and it can be fixed soon.

I do notice my amd videocard spinning up before it freezes.