World of Warcraft missing library user32.dll

Last week I switched from playonlinux to lutris and I realized I should have done that months agao instead of trying to reinstall WoW again and again without success. You did a very good job. Everything was running real smooth. I will keep playonlinux for my office software though.

Sadly Blizzard had to patch today and all got shot to hell again. Game starts but whenever I move the mouse it crashes with a message about “missing library user32.dll”.

The exact error message is "Critical error during loading process. Required library “USER32.dll” is missing export ‘SetPhysicalCursorPos’.
This might be a wine problem. On the list of bugs fixed in wine 2.9 I can see:
“42985 Rise of the Tomb Raider needs unimplemented function USER32.dll.GetPhysicalCursorPos”. Seems that WoW needs that too.
How can I force lutris to use wine version 2.9 instead of 2.0? I can’t find the setting. And where does lutris save the logs?

Edit: I managed to change the wine version by editing /home/xxx/.config/lutris/games/world-of-warcraft-wow-73-d3d9-1508393258.yml. Am I supposed to do it that way? Now using 2.19 staging and it works again.
Still searching for the log fiel though.

There is a much simpler way :smiley:

Right click on the game, click configure, Runner options, and select Wine version here. To get more wine versions, right click on Wine in the side bar and click Manage versions.

I updated the repo 2 days ago, I backported 2 commits to WoW-2.0. Now it just needs a new Lutris build.

Thank you! Should I reinstall to make use of your compile of wine?

Remaining question: Could you point me to the log file location?

Click on “Manage Runners”, scroll down to “Wine”, click on “Manage versions”, just deselect “wow-2.0”, that will remove it. Then just select it again. That should install the new version.