World of Warcraft + gnome + extra mouse buttons

Hi guys!

I tried playing WoW on my linux box setup with lutris and it runs fine on Cinnamon desktop environment. When I switch to Gnome it still runs fine but I notice an issue whenever I press the extra buttons on my mouse (a Logitech G602 wireless mouse). The issue is the game freezes for a split second then continues normally. This only happens on Gnome, used to happen on gnome 3.32 and I just updated to 3.34 to try it out and it still happens. I have a NVidia gtx 1080 ti driver running on Archlinux with all latest updates (linux 5.2 and so on).

This issue has been happening for a while and is the main reason I switched to Cinnamon a while ago, since I’d prefer to use gnome but this single issue is a deal breaker for me.

I am writting in the hopes someone else faced a similar problem and has figured out a way to fix it.

Love Lutris! Love Wine!

Joao Paulo Farias

I have this exact problem too! so you have worked out it is caused by gnome? I will try KDE and see what happens.

OK so it does not happen on KDE, very strange, I wonder if the new version of GNOME has some global hotkeys set or something that causes it - no idea but I am gonna stick with KDE now.

Just to let you know I have been using Fedora 31 with KDE since the last post I made with no problems in WoW - I decided to install GNOME and test if the micro freezes still happen - they do not, maybe they have changed something or maybe having KDE installed first and then installing GNOME fixed something?

The restrictions do not let me post more replies annoyingly, here is the information you asked for:

Kernel Version: 5.3.11-300.fc31.x86_64
NVidia Driver Version: 440.31
GNOME Version: GNOME Shell 3.34.1 (not Wayland)

Not sure it is graphic driver related to be honest - when the micro freezes happen FPS stays consistently high, could be wrong though.

That is interesting, I will update my Archlinux box when I get home tonight and see if there was any improvement. Maybe the newer NVidia drivers work better? Can you post here your kernel version, nvidia driver version and also your gnome version?

Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

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I upgraded all my packages and I am the running the latest software available from Archlinux (Gnome 3.34, nvidia 440.36, linux, lutris-4.20).

So I tried and I still get a little lag when I click my extra mouse buttons. It is much better now but still noticeable.

Maybe it has to do with the performance improvements I heard gnome has made with the latest version.

Anyway, I will keep on using Cinnamon for now which works perfectly and now I actually have it setup with everything I need and I like my setup more than I used to like gnome…

So, I’m having the exact same problem.
Only happens on the extra buttons, left click, right click, middle click and the 2 extra generic buttons (back and forward) work fine.
The rest of the buttons, which are macroed with other keyboard keys, freeze the game for like half a sec.
Makes it pretty much unplayable, especially if you pvp.

Manjaro 20.0.3
Xfce 4.14
Kernel 5.7.9-1
Lutris 5.7-8

Installed KDE 5.19.3 and works perfectly.
No idea why it happens but I guess I’ll be running KDE then.
Unless someone knows what’s happening.

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