World of Warcraft, DXVK and environment variables

For WoW to run with DXVK the variable “DXVK_FAKE_DX10_SUPPORT=1” is required (black screen otherwise). Even if set up in Lutris, it doesn’t seem to work if the game is launched via Battlenet app. For me it only works when launched directly via Wow.exe.

I wonder if it’s a Lutris or a game related launch issue. Maybe somebody already knows, thanks!

Worked fine for me in the past. (Isn’t needed with newer DXVK versions anymore)

You’re right, I’m using 0.64 now and it is no longer needed when launched by ‘Wow.exe’.
My read is that this change made it so dxvk no longer sets the flag when launched indirectly by ‘ Launcher.exe’ and not Wow.exe (at least on my maschine). Maybe someone can confirm that? Thanks.

Why launch via Blizzard app? Fiends list + chat, game updates and convenience of a saved authentication.

DXVK just matches the Wow.exe and enables it, no matter how you launch.

Then I have no idea what to do, still getting a black screen.

The issue can be closed.

I never found the reason, only a temporary workaround by not using the launcher exe file. Eventually I reinstalled the whole App and let it rediscover the game. Then it was working again.