World of Warcraft dx12 gpu crash

I have been running dx12 on Wow since mid last year on my rx 580 card or gtx 1060. I upgraded to a rx 5600 xt and also upgraded Lutris, wine and wine-staging. Since then I have been experiencing regular crashes (screen freezes and I get a [drm:amdgpu_dm_commit_planes [amdgpu]] ERROR Waiting for fences timed out! error in the system log along with many other messages).

After a lot of testing on versions (wine, dxvk, graphics drivers), I have noticed 2 things:

  1. my Wine Configuration has a atiadlxx (??) entry in the Override libraries which was not present on a clean install of Lutris and

  2. Using Lutris, wine-staging 6.4 and dxvk v1.7.1L-743f309 yields dx12 results similar to my Windows 10 dx12 play with no crashes.

The issue never occurred on my gtx 1060 card, so I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this sort of problem. Using the v1.7.1L-743f309 is perfectly fine but would be nice at some point to upgrade to a later version of the dxvk dx12 driver.

Hi jhu,

Could you run lm-sensors in watch mode while gaming until you crash? You’ve posted on my thread about the RX 580 fan issue, I wonder if your temps are spiking and the fans aren’t turning on properly?

first run sensors-detect, to set up the modules, then run ‘watch sensors’, you should see your GPU temps and fan speed near the top or bottom of the list. Keep this running while you game and let us know the results.

Oh, also make sure you disable SSAO mode in WoW as this is know to cause shader corruption issues in some cases.

I know it is not the fans or gpu temp - I have MangoHud running to track this in real time and when it freezes, I have an immediate snapshot of the cpu and gpu temps etc. The idea you mentioned of the SSAO in WoW causing issues is something I am testing right now. So far, it does seem to be the issue. Next I have to work out what the same setting in Warframe to confirm this as the main problem.

Should note that the problem doesn’t occur with the AMDVLK driver only the RADV, but fps is poor with 1.8.1L on AMDVLK.