World of Warcraft Addons Error

I’m running WoW Classic through Linux Mint and it’s been running like a dream. However, I’ve hit a QOL major snag. No add-ons I attempt to add will work. Upon loading WoWC I get a message saying my Addons are out of date, if I attempt to load them anyways it tells me that the addon is creating a large amount of LUA errors. I have the Addon copied it into the following directory:

/home/[My user name]/Games/world-of-warcraft-classic/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft/classic/Interface/AddOns

Is there any guide as to how to make Add-ons work? Is there a location where this specific error might have more details? I didn’t include any error logs since it’s all coming from WoWC and not Lutris so I figured it wouldn’t log anything. This is for Linux Mint 19.

There shouldn’t be anything specific to Lutris you need to do to make addons work. Just make sure you get the ‘classic’ version of the addon and unzip it to the classic/Interface/AddOns folder