World of Warcraft 8.2 isn't run by the app

Hello, everyone!

The required

  1. lutris --submit-issue:
  2. lutris -d:
  3. game log: https :// (seems to be included by lutris -d)

It looks like

When I click “Play” in the bnet launcher it glows grey for a while and switches back to blue.
It doesn’t launch the game as it should.

Failed approaches

  1. I started just with a separate wineprefix + corefonts, switched to Lutris https :// , but still have the same result.
  2. For lutris I used the addictivetips guide https ://
  3. The game wiki https :// didn’t help.
  4. Battle. net launcher page https :// was useless by itself (I have no problems with this app), however contained useful links.
  5. Wine dependencies https :// I had already installed.
  6. DXVK page https :// advanced me through actions, but not to a solution. I updated my nvidia drivers up to 418.56, installed vulkan for both architecrures and installed d9vk, as in the video guide https ://
  7. As suggested in common issues with crashes https :// I tried run with setting WINEDLLOVERRIDES="d3d11,dxgi=b" on the “System options” game tab. Again - no gain.
  8. As a last resort I tried:
    • Setting runner to esync-staging-pba-3.18 https ://
    • Disabling lutris runtime.
    • Switching windows from 10 to 7 and back https ://
    • And even unpacked clear cache https :// into the client.

Nothing worked. So I’ve got completely lost.

Please help to find out the root problem and possible solutions. Thanks in advance!

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+1 I have the same issue exactly