World of Warcraft 8.01 - Unable to alt + tab when in fullscreen

As the title says, I am unable to alt + tab and get to my desktop when running the game in full screen mode. Only windowed full screen or just windowed is available. Is this the same for everyone or is there a fix? I’m using xfce4 window manager.

Edit: I just tried Gnome and Cinnamon desktop environments and the alt tab works. Can anyone using xfce4 confirm if alt tab is an issue for you?

Normally I use an emulated Desktop and then ALT + CTRL -> or <- to switch to another Desktop. This appears to be much more stable to me.

fladie, how do I get the game to run in an emulated desktop? Is there a guide for this?

Use workspaces. Standard is four which is already more than enough :slight_smile: If they are deactivated, go into XFCE settings -> workspaces and select how many workspaces you want.

Now open everything except WoW on another workspace. Standard shortcuts to switch workspaces are |Ctrl + Alt + Arrow right arrow|Next workspace| and |Ctrl + Alt + Arrow left|Previous workspace|. I don’t know whether they work in WoW because I have defined my own.

That being said, I can’t run the game in full screen mode. Only windowed full screen or windowed are available in the WoW settings. But I’ve used windowed full screen for a long time now because also on Windows alt-tabbing never worked with full screen.

Blizzard removed fullscreen mode in patch 8 because alt+tabing out could freeze certain timers in the game and exploit achievements like mail sorting in dalaran. So alt+tab no longer minimizes the game.
The only way around it now is to use a virtual desktop or a second monitor.