World of Warcraft 7.3

I just installed Debian 9 on a new SSD. I installed the dependencies following the documentation. I am able to successfully install WoW…Issue is I can’t seem to get rid of the dx9 error. I can’t seem to figure out how to get dx11 working. Even after using the installer that’s currently posted. Just wondering maybe I installed the dependencies wrong? Can anyone please help assist I would appreciate it.

Thank you!

How did you start it with DX9? If you put in -dx9 in Blizzard App it will always use DX9.

No that wasn’t it but thank you for replying. I’m a noob lol I reformatted again and reinstalled Debian 9 this time I took my time. The first time I must of forgot to install the actual nvidia drivers and just left the basic drivers that came with the installer -_-. This time I actually installed the Nvidia drivers my bad lol its working now though thank you !