World of Tanks on KDE Neon


I’m a complete Linux newb so please forgive me if this is old news.
I’ve been trying to get World of Tanks running in Lutris for a few days now and had (what I thought) was a weird issue where the install would never complete forcing me to cancel, not hanging, just sitting at the installer.

Turns out in KDE the Wine system tray actually goes behind Kwin so you are unable to close it so the install completes.

Found this but the TLDR are:-

  1. Disable the KWin compositor (Alt+Shift+F12)
  2. Launch any program using Wine that uses the system tray or in the case of WOT, close it.
  3. Re-enable KWin (Alt+Shift+F12)
  4. Try to interact with the tray icon (right clicking, left clicking) and see if it works now

This is probably what has finally got me to move to Linux full time!

Hope this helps anyone else having issues.