World of Tanks - launcher doest close

Hello, I tried to install World of Tanks for a couple of hours now, but the installer does not close and then the game doesn’t install.

I installed wine-staging from the winehq website and i also launched the game when the installer was open and it works, but when i close it completely the game launcher is still on and wont close, so I cancel it and then the game is gone and can’t open it anymore.

Please help me!


Do you try to use the menu synchronise library if you re a count.
1-create a count in the main site
2-add the game in you re library
3- With de program lutris select -> Lutris and sub menu “synchronise Library”.

Others soluce you can use the “+” in Lutris
and configure manualy the game

For me
Game option
Executable “/home/gilles/Games/world-of-tanks/drive_c/Games/World_of_Tanks/WoTLauncher.exe”
Working directory “~/Games/world-of-tanks/drive_c/Games/World_of_Tanks”

And use the same wine that the script "tkg-3.21-x86-64 wth dxvk

sorry i speak bad english

Hi, noob here!

I’ll keep an eye on tread since I have the same issue.

Doing the manual entry makes the game start… to a black sreen it seems, and crashes after a while.
Any extra parameters that may be needed?
Should we manually put the DXVK modded DLLs on our Wine-Preffix prior to make the manual entry, or by selecting the option this is made for us? (wich i kinda doubt)
Anyway, at least the wine entry from the applications menu goes further, only to crash at the main garage :frowning:

Some ELI5 may be required, I feel like following intructions blindly with no real understanding of why I’m doing stuff /rant

Thank you for the answer,
yesterday I redid tests to understand where is the problem?
At linux level (nvdia, lib etc), wine, lutris, dxvk, the version of the game?
So I proceeded by nonsense and elimination by closing everything and renaming directories or changing libraries.
Change of version of nvidia: no change,
Deleting the Wine configuration directory to force lutris to recreate one: no change,
At this level, I tell myself that the problem is at the level of lutris.
So I erase the game in the software, its directory and restart the installer but this time one evening to see the result the next day.
First positive result: everything seems installed configured so the installer seems to work but I had to cut it too early. To test, redo an installation of WOT and to validate this and estimate the time of installation of the game.
The game starts, but black screen. I continue to analyze this little by little

Other ideas?
Thank you and happy new year to all,