World of Tanks Install Error

Hi, I’m trying to get this to work on Arch Linux. I’ve installed all the Wine dependencies necessary. All my other games on Lutris work fine without any issues.

I’m stuck on installing the WoT Launcher. I get an error about a certificate. I’ve tried installing ca-certificates for Arch as some have suggested over at the Arch reddit, no go so far. On another machine which runs on EndeavorOS (another Arch distro) works fine without issues. It’s just this one that runs on pure Arch that can’t install.

Any idea how to fix this? Thanks!

Things like that can be caused by missing libraries at the back end. Things like lib32-gnutls and lib32-libgpg-error can cause SSL to fail in game clients in wine if they are missing. Another dependency may be lib32-libldap. Those packages I listed are often not installed on Arch.

Check and see that they are installed.


Thanks! I installed all the ones you mentioned. The installer was able to continue and I’m now downloading the game!

Thanks I had this same issue while running manjaro (an Arch distro). After installing these packages the issue went away.