World of Tank - System freezing on 3 different computer

Hello. Hope i’m at correct location for this post.
Since early May 2024 and the corresponding wot updates, i have often have my system totally freezing when playing world of tank. Not only wot game freezing but also any application at the same time (like music player in background). I have this problem on two recent computer and it used to run smooth before the wot May updates. My brother (living different location / web connection) has the same issue on his older computer which was smooth before. We already tried a complete reinstall from the begining (both Lutris and wot, and tried different versions of Wine) without success. Both computer are running under Linux Mint up to date. The freeze seems to happen when system try to access drives (or maybee Lan). Or connections are fine, low ping, we use SSD drives…
Any idea, suggestion? Thanks in advance.


You don’t share if this happens in any other game, so all we have sounds like a WoT/Windows issue. You want to start by seeing if normal Windows users have also been experiencing more crashes since May, and also check ProtonDB to see if any of the tinker options help you.

If you used the Lutris installer, you will have been using the default WINE, but let us know which version. If you haven’t tried running with Steam Proton (through ULWGL,) as it’s generally good keeping up to date with Windows games, and obviously what Steam uses to Launch WoT if you install through the Steam store.

Maybe clear your shader cache for starters. You’ve not said what GPU you have or what drivers you are using, but again, check against issues in Wot forums.
What changed in May? DirectX support? Are there new options? Tried running older DirectX? Turning off all the “nice” graphics options until it runs?
I’m not sure if WoT still allows mods, but people used to post about issues after patching waaay back in 2013 when I last played it, so worth testing removing those first.

Lastly, Linux drivers and kernel. I’m sure you’ve been keeping Mint up to date, but if you are still running against Mint’s default 5.x kernel, you will want to consider upgrading.

Damn you’re God! Your last sentence made it all. For whathever reason, my kernel 6.5 was downgraded to 5.15, and i did not notice. Back to 6.5 and everything runs like a charm. Thank you guy! really appreciate