Word of Warships performance [SOLVED]

Hello people,

I have installed WoWs through lutris with dxvk support on Mint 19. Cpu Ryzen 5 1600 and RX580 for graphics.
When I start the game from Lutris, it runs, and after setting it up to use aa and run on 1920x1080 it keeps running. However it only manages up to 25 fps. Checking the settings, and trying dx11 it auto reverts to dx9. This seems to be the standard performance I was having last year running wows through wine directly on a older machine.

Is there something I still need to alter somewhere, some kind of setting I haven’t setup?

Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Then the game isn’t using dxvk. As soon as you launch you should see the dxvk hud displaying gpu, fps, vulkan version etc. Have you set up Vulkan properly?

Make sure Mesa version installed is at least 18.1.2 and you’ve done: sudo apt install mesa-vulkan-drivers mesa-vulkan-drivers:i386

Thank you for replying.

Since I’m not seeing anything resembling a dxvk hud I might have screwed that up somehow.
Do you have a recent link for that? I will go an look myself as well, if the instructions I have found are complete/correct for setting up dxvk.

It seems I am on Mesa 18.0.5, now to find the way to upgrade that one.

Cxf put me on the right track here. After a lot of searching (and some cursing) I finally found updated mesa stable ppa.

After adding this ppa and updating/reboot I could start WoWs, go into settings, change to dx11 and restart WoWs. Now the Vulkan overlay is present and working.

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